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April Pearson



My love for animals is huge and can be traced back to when I was a child. However, my love and passion for horses is much larger. My father trained horses when I was young. We always had horses growing up on our farm. My father and my sister (rest her soul), showed western pleasure and walking horses. I knew showing was something I never would do, it was just too fancy for me. I did, however, buy my first horse when I was 13yrs old. The first horse I could say I bought and paid for with my own money. I thought my father was going to beat me. The horse was starved and sick. Several hundreds of dollars later, we got him better.

My love and passion for horses only grew after that. Anytime I could ride, I would. Soon after I turned 15, I got a job and bought 2 more horses. I then started riding horses through a local sale barn. I realized, as a teenager, I could make pretty good money doing that. After doing that for a short time I would bring some horses home, break them out, and re sell them. That's when I was introduced to kill buyers. Although I wasn't knowledgeable on how that worked, I traded horses for several years until I noticed these kill buyers buying fat, healthy, and broke, horses. I soon realized that I couldn't keep doing this; these animals don't deserve this.


I have several years of experience with horses. I was a big part of another equine rescue, but the founder decided to move, so I have decided, with much planning and consideration, that I will now be starting up my own 501c3 equine rescue. I will not move away or toss these horses to the side. They need my great staff and I, because they cannot tell us what has happened. Maybe with kindness, love, and affection, we can help them forget.

So all this brings me to Alex and he wasnt a horse person at all, he spent most of his time building old hot rods with his grandad. We meet about 6 years ago and i introduced him to the horse world. I cant say he enjoys it but he has stuck by myside through all the horse adventures and has never once tried to tell me what to do, well he has tried but that didnt work out for him. I think he finally gets it, if its a horse in need, im gonna try to help if it is my means. He continues to get better around horses and more interactive everyday. He is stuck now so he better get used to it. 

I began working with April about 5 years ago, when I met her son, Trevor. They both had a love for horses that was unbelievable. I knew I always loved animals but when I started helping with the rescue, I knew it was something that I wanted to do all the time. While being involved in the recue I have grown so much more love and compassion for these horses, who desperatly need our help. This is a hard job and we work hard to make the horses happy and healthy. I am so thankful I got to have the choice to make their lives better with the absolute best team you can find.
I can always remember as a kid being fascinated with horses. I was blessed with family who had always been in the horse world, so it kicked off my adventures. I got my first horse when I was 8. I have owned horses and taken lessons since. I met April about 7 years ago and have been working closely with her and horses since. Being an equine vet has always been my dream career, so rehabbing neglected or injured horses is absolutely one of the best feelings for me. You won’t meet a team that is more passionate about horses than the team at A&A Horse Haven.
I began working with with April and Alex a couple of years ago, helping on the farm and hauling horses for them. April finally talked me into getting a horse of my own who needed rescuing. I try to help in any way possible. If April is full to capacity, and doesn't need to take anymore horses in, I will take them in at my place. Although Ialways try and talk her out of not getting it they will always sucker me into getting the horse. Especially if they are in need of the help.
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