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Owner Surrender Program

Owner Surrendering is often thought to be a bad thing. In fact, that is just not true. The fact is, if someone can owner surrender their animal before it gets underweight or in an unhealthy condition then they have done the right thing for that animal. All too often people are shamed for having to owner surrender or get rid of their animals. At A&A we understand that it is not fair to the animal, but it is also not fair to the animal to keep it if you can not take care of it either. We accept owner surrenders here and ask no questions, if the person wants to tell us why that is fine but we are always welcoming with no questions asked. With all that being said, as long as we have a vacancy and can afford to take in owner surrenders we will. Many different reasons arise in life and we just hope we can help ease someone's mind by offering their horse a safe place to land during their tough time in life. It shouldn’t be a shameful thing to get help for your animals, many hardships can be unexpected. We will welcome owner surrenders with open arms. All owner information is confidential and will not be released to anyone.

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