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Our Amazing Professional Helpers


Veterinarian: Bambi Fox & Brett Stratmeyer


Bambi has been a great help to all of us at A&A Horse Haven. She has been my Vet since I was 16 years old, and is as good now as she was back then. She does her best to help us save money and gives us helpful tips on what to do if she cant make it out right away. She is always very prompt about getting back to us, and always has been a phone call away even when we just need some advice. 


Farrier: Michael Brown

Michael and Nathaniel Brown farrier services, they are wonderful. They usually fit us right in to their busy schedule. They trim and shoe our horses here at the rescue. Some farriers offer to sedate the horse, which I do not like doing, but not these men. They will work with any horse until they get the job done. They are not aggressive. I have yet to see him loose his temper even with the worst horse we have. They do a great job at what they do and they don’t just trim and shoe, they are very knowledgeable about several different issues that take place in the hoof and usually can tell us what to do to fix the horses. These men don’t try to make a killing off of someone and they always leave it up to us to put shoes on the horse or to let it go barefoot. 

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