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HESTIA is a 3 year old mare hackney cross pony. She was very thin when she came in and all beat up and very sick. We didn't know it at the time but she was pregnant, and full of worms. Hestia endured a lot of cuts and teeth marks while at the kill pen. After being with us here at the
rescue for only a week she lost her baby. The baby appeared to be in her second trimester. This was very sad for us and really stressed her out. In the picture above she was 6 months pregnant, and starved. This poor girl has gotten over her sickness but is still moody due to losing her baby and she deserves the best. She is unhandled, we have gotten a halter on her
once but she is a little aggressive and doesn't trust humans just yet. Sponsoring Hestia would help with the refeeding program and training to find a better home. Sponsor Hestia to help her find her forever home.

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Each welcome package will depend on the level you choose! 

As long as you sponsor monthly you will receive the physical items 1 time. 

The monthly updates and newsletter and your mentions will appear once a month.

When we have the sponsor shirts made your name will go on them as well. 

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Samuel  is a 2yr old Halflinger stallion that came from a kill pen, he has been her at the rescue for a while now. When Sam came to us here at the rescue he was completely unhandled. We had some help getting Sam halter broken and since then we have been trying to get him used to us picking up his feet (which has been a chore to say the least). Sam has turned into a spoiled toddler who still needs corrective showing from our farrier. He has come a long way and loves to be scratched and loved on all while trying to push you around. His front leg is bowing out at the knee due to his hoof problems we do believe 

Sponsoring Sam would mean he could get castrated and also help with training so that Sam could find his forever home.         

P.S>His hair has gotten so long

Remi is a young around 4 to  6 year old Reservation mare. Remi came to us with her 8 month old colt Ryker on her side. She hadn't been handled when we got her. She was underweight and full of worms and very sick. She was terrified and had a foul attitude protecting her baby. One of our members Carly has been working with Remi and actually got a halter on her and can now brush her and she will follow Carly around in turn out. As for the rest of us she picks and chooses who she likes. She needs a Sponsor to continue training and for refeeding and hoof work. Remis colt Ryker has been adopted and is in a good home. With a sponsor Remi could have that chance as well. Remi is not a BLM, she was off a Reservation so she was rounded up and sold to a kill buyer. Please sponsor Remi.


Cass is a 2 year old gaited stallion. Cass has a huge personality and is sweet heart, who has overcome so much in his young life. When Cass came to the rescuer he was unhandled and was very scared of humans. We had some help halter breaking him and he came around pretty quick. Cass came to us with one eye spun around in the socket. It doesn't give him any trouble but someone hit him in the eye with a cattle stick. Cass needs his removed and he needs to be casterated. He did very well with his hoof trims and he does good leading, but he does still have some baby spunk in him. Cass deserves a good home and he needs a sponsor to get there.

Royal is a 7 year old Tennessee walking horse and Paso Fino cross mare. She came to us from a confiscation case. She came in with several other horses and some had never been handled. Royal was one of those that hasn't been handled, and she had a baby on her side. The baby suffered a selenium and calcium deficiency Royal did as well. Royals hooves were long and split and she was very scared. Her baby died the week after getting them to the rescue. Royal has had a halter put on her but she isnt broke to lead. Although she is more friendly and lets us rub her body she still wants no part of us messing with her head or face. She needs training to be able to find her new forever home. Sponsoring Royal would get her one step closer to living the good life.




This is a monthly sponsorship, we understand there are some months that you cant sponsor, with that being said that is why we greatly appreciate it! 

Thank you for your support and for helping these horses 

We are their voice because they don't have one.

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