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Bella is a 9 year old Friesian Sport Quarter horse cross. Bella had injured her self at her original owners house. She requires farrier work and we are hoping that with some time and rest she may improve. She requires no medication at this time and is now just living lie like a horse should. She can not be stall kept because that is how she  originally hurt her feet in the first place. Bella will go in the stall if you leave it open and at her own time. Bella is a bit spoiled and can be very pushy because she doesn’t realize her own size. She is a beautiful horse with her own wacky personality. She s always the first one to great you at the gate, wanting t know where her treats were.


Billy is a 23 year old  Registered Tennessee Walking horse  gelding, he came to us as  owner surrender, because the owner just couldn’t take care of four horses as an older person it was hard for him to do so. Billy’s age doesn’t slow him down any he is still very ready to go and loves his food. He is a bit on the thin side and we learned that he has been feed in the same feeding trough with the other horses instead of his own bucket. Which means for the first time in a long time he can eat freely in his own bucket and doesn’t have to share his food.


Leo is around 12 to 15 years old and is gonna get lots of attention he will be on medication for a few weeks and possibly long term for his eye. He has an ulcer in one eye and blind in the other he needs some weight and I think he will be fine. He is a gentle giant and super sweet being blind doesn't bother him a bit. he requires medicine twice a day and He is now completely blind and will live out his days here at A&A horse haven. He is spoilt rotten here at A&A he has all of us wrapped around his hoof. 


Ghost id a 48 year old Thorghobred mare. she came to us from a direct ship kill pen in Ky. She was in horrible health and  had mud and gunk caked on her. She is tattooed and she is so sweet. She loves attention and is so spoiled. After we found out her age and all the issues she has,  We decided it was best for her to live out the rest of her days here with us and we can help her stay comfortable and eating good to prevent further issues.

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