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Volunteer at A&A!

Here at A&A, we strive off the help of others. We are a Non-Profit Rescue that was started with the intentions to save the horses that need us! With that being said, we would love to have each and every one who wants to help with the rescuing of these horses. This opportunity is for anyone to help with. Here you will read about what all goes into our daily routine with all of our horses that are here at A&A. For some, volunteering may be the daily therapy they need, and for others it may be the hardworking drive that brings them to the farm. Either way it is often times considered very therapeutic. 

Please take the time to read the FAQ's first. If this is something you want to COMMIT to then read the intro letter, and fill out the application. The application can be emailed to us at or filled out via google docs. After you fill out the application please message us and let us know you have completed it. Once we have talked about everything you will need to fill out  release form. Please note that when you fill out the application it does not guarantee you to be accepted. You are required to fill out the application and the release form. 

Some Frequently asked questions about what we expect our volunteers to help with!

What are the daily tasks?

Daily tasks at A&A can include turning stalled horses in and out, mucking stalls, cleaning and refilling water buckets and/or troughs, filling hay mangers, feeding grain, brushing, bathing, or combing horses, sweeping hallway in barns, spraying fly spray, cleaning fans, blanketing horses, picking hoofs out, etc. Also for more experienced volunteers we may offer exercising and riding of some horses. 

Although these things are listed we do have other things we can offer for any age ranges to do, no help is to big or small! Anything you would like to help with please feel free to ask!

What are the monthly tasks?

Monthly tasks at A&A can include assisting with hay hauling days, unloading it into the barn loft, unloading saw dust into the storage bin, general clean up of barns and fields, checking fences, running new fences, general repairs to barn or shelters, scrubbing and disinfecting all buckets and troughs, decluttering tack room or feed room. Also this is just a few things we do month to month, so if you know anything else you would like to do please feel free to state that and we will work it out with you!

Do I have to be an expert in the horse field to volunteer?

Absolutely NOT! We want everyone to come and experience the joy of these horses! We have tasks any age and any experience can do! If you have any questions or concerns at all do not hesitate to contact us and we will talk with you and make sure we customize the tasks to everyone's different needs 

Is this a commitment? Or is it a one time volunteer day?

We offer a volunteer schedule that meets everyone's needs and wants! We can make it an everyday thing or we can just do one or two times a month, or anything. If you have specific wants and needs. We do want everyone to know that our rescue runs 24/7 rain or shine and in all weather. We will have to have help through everything, if you have scheduled a day to volunteer we would greatly appreciate if you keep that day and time! We do understand life happens and stuff gets in the way we ask that you do try  give us a 24 hour notice if you can not make your day. 

I am interested in not working directly with the horses but I want to participate?

Do not worry! This is also a VERY important duty in the rescue, we have to have people who want to help with planning of the big volunteer days, fundraising, we also have to have extra people on the committee to help with the biased decisions and the hard decisions that have to be made. If this is something you would be interested in doing, it does not directly associate with the horses but you are still a huge part in their lives as they have to have these people to keep everything running smooth!

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