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Daisy May is a 3 year old mini mule who was born here at the rescue and has in a way became the mascot. We rescued her mother and her half sister, we had no clue that she was even thought of. We put weight back on the mother and sister. Months after they were here, the youngest pony which was Daisy’s sister was running around the paddock acting very weird, we noticed something moving by the mother pony. We took off to the paddock to have a look and there she laid , little baby Daisy May. Daisy is definitely a handful. Daisy’s favorite thing to do is steal what ever is in your back pocket, she takes halters off the other horses and she steals lead ropes off the fence. She is actually the protector of all the horses against anything that shouldn’t be in the pasture. We love Daisy here at the rescue and she is a personal here so she will remain here until the end of her days.


Midge is a 17 year old quarter pony and he is one of our personal horses, he belongs to my 8 year old boy. Midge was a court seizure case. He was extremely poor and eating the other horses’ feces that he was in the paddock with. We brought him here and fattened him real very easily, which showed us that the horse was just hungry and nothing was wrong like the owner had claimed. He is the sweetest and most gentle guy. He will remain here as a personal horse .


Kira is a 20 year old dun appaloosa mare, she was saved from a kill pen by me personally out of Somerset KY. I was looking for a horse and thought why not save one myself. So I bailed her through PayPal and went and picked her up. She is a very special horse in so many ways, she is my heart horse. She definitely has her very own annoying personality. I can honestly say we are two peas in a pod. She will remain her until her very last days on earth.

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