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Our mission here at A&A Horse Haven Inc, is to be the voice, the help, the aid, the friend, and the advocate for the horse since they can't do it for themselves. We will provide help and aid to the sick, abused, neglected, unwanted, and starving horses. Rehabbing and rehoming is an important part of what we do, and we will ensure with all the resources we have, that these animals are rehabilitated and if possible, rehomed. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for those types of horses in our surrounding counties. We will find good homes by investigating and completing home checks. Each home will require a contractual agreement. All homes will be provided with an educational pamphlet with facts, helpful tips, and important information about the horse that is being rehomed. We will be the equine's voice because they don't have one.

Our Services

We specialize in rehabbing, refeeding, and rehoming! We rehome horse with a binding contract, to help insure they wont be put in a bad situation again


We have dealt with several abuse and neglect cases. Most of the horses we take in are poor or injured in some way. Some ways we have received them are with skin infections, pulled muscles, eye infections, low muscle tone, etc. These problems we take into special consideration and we treat each horse with a special treatment based on what their needs are. Most cases require vet care, we use the advice from the vet along with our own experience to make sure the horse gets the best quality care. We rehabilitate these horses, with all hopes they can be rehomed with  amazing new owners. In the case they can not be rehomed, they will stay at A&A through their last days and they will become our retirees.


Horses often come to us skinny, unhealthy, and in need of some food and TLC. Feeding  poor, emaciated horses to much food too fast can result in many different health problems. When trying to put weight on emaciated horses you have to introduce the food slowly and with moderation. You can feed them several times a day when trying to put weight on them but you have to watch how much you are giving. Here at A&A, we have experience with our refeeding program. We know that not every single horse is the same and they all require different types of feed along with supplements and proteins. In most cases just giving a horse hay and water is not enough for them.



It is hard for us to keep every horse we get in. If we did that we would not be able to take in anymore and give them a chance at a better life. With that being said if at all possible, the horse is in good condition after the time we put into them and they can be rehomed with a family or an individual, that is what we would initially like to see happen. We want the best for these horse because they have already been through enough pain to last a lifetime. We rehome these horses under a binding contract that is prosecutable by law. The home that they go to has to be the right fit for the animal. We always require a lot of information about the people wanting to adopt a horse from us. We understand that some people won't agree with the rules in our contract and that is fine. The people have a right to go elsewhere and adopt a horse, no hard feelings. I refuse to adopt out a horse and possibly put it back into the same situation or have them endure a meaningless life. Our best interest is with the horse. We will be their voice because they don’t have one.

Owner Surrender

Our owner surrender program depends on if we have the funding and the room to help, but if we do then we can take in horses from individuals who need help and have no other options. Such as, if there has been a hardship in their home and they can no longer provide adequate care for their horse or horses. We try to be as accommodating as possible, and know that this can be a tough thing to do. We offer the owner updates and they can reach out to us at anytime to inquire about the horse that they had to surrender. We pass no judgment as we are here to help not hinder the process. You can contact us if you are in need of owner surrendering your horse, and you don’t want your horse to end up at an auction barn or in the wrong hands with the kill buyers.

Working with Our Community

As of right now we are trying to work within our own community by helping the people who can no longer take care of their horses, by offering a safe landing with our owner surrender program. Also, we are helping in the community by working with animal control when asked, to help with people who are neglecting their horses. Whether that be due to starvation or abuse. We also have upcoming events where we will offer to come and speak with local schools and different organizations that want to learn more about rescue and how they can help save the horses.

Educational Procedures

Here at A&A Horse Haven we are trying to help people become more knowledgeable about the severity of horse neglect, abuse, and horse slaughter. We love to provide some educational tips for new horse owners. We offer hands on education along with our brochure.  The brochure includes information why we rescue, care tips for your horse, and some of our favorite horse websites added for the adopter to do their own research.


"April and her crew are Amazing with these horses! She is Very knowledgeable and caring!"

April Smallwood 

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